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Group Coaching in Norfolk, VA

Group coaching is a mixture of self led coursework and internal self discovery accompanied by guided group coaching sessions to help facilitate and master what you have studied in the course modules.

Group coaching provides a supportive community among your peers as well as an opportunity to strengthen your inner work through weekly calls.

This 12 Week Online Group Coaching Program Includes:

  • Weekly Online Video Lessons
  • Weekly Activation Worksheets
  • Group Coaching via Zoom with 1:1 mentoring during the calls
  • A 1:1 Coaching Session (just you and me)
  • Access to the Secret Facebook Support Group for maximum support

Program Overview:

This 12 week online group coaching program assists women stuck in old patterns of low self-esteem, limiting beliefs, and unclear vision find their PATH FORWARD with EMPOWERING tools, new life PRACTICES, and life-changing INSIGHTS. DREAM GIRLS COACHING helps women break the chains of the past and move forward into the LIFE OF THEIR DREAMS! With precision and passion, this course provides the RESOURCES and KNOWLEDGE to LAUNCH women into their purpose and calling. When you TAP INTO the POWER of your DIVINE PURPOSE and CALLING, you are the most effective in your realm of influence. I’ll help you find your UNIQUE VOICE and limitless POTENTIAL while also helping you avoid common pitfalls so that you can live your best life.


Each module consists of two weeks, part one will be focused on education through trainings while week two will be focused on integration, application, and personalized coaching. TOTAL INVESTMENT
$250 per month

$75 per week